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Church of Buona Morte - Cannara

The Church of Buona Morte stands in front of the "Tugurio" (hovel) where, according to the  tradition, S. Francesco retired to rest and pray when he passed through the land of Cannara.

At that time it was only a small oratory and according to the tradition, the Saint of Assisi dressed the first member of the “Third Order”: the Blessed Lucio Modestini of Cannara. Later on it would become the meeting place of St. Francis’ Company, later known as "Della Morte e Orazione", dedicated above all to works of piety, such as the burial of the dead.

It is a church with a single nave, with five altars, enriched by valuable works of art and tombstones that recall the conception of S. Francesco's Third Order in this sacred building and the high civil or religious role carried out by some Cannaresi in the past.

The valuable "Crucifix" with articulated arms characterized by solid wood joints, is exhibited in the niche above the presbytery and composed of five layers of overlapping linen cloth. It is a rarity in Umbria and dates back to the second half of the fifteenth century. It was purchased by the “Compagnia della Morte” in 1545, as an object of devotion and carried in the religious procession on the evening of Good Friday.

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