Titolo: Vernaccia di Cannara

Vernaccia di Cannara

It represents the most famous Vernaccia in the area of the Municipality of Cannara (PG) in fact, art. 2 of the Ministerial Decree of 6 June 2009 establishes Vernaccia as a “Martani hills” DOC  wine and expressly provides for the possibility of adding the geographical reference “Cannara” if this wine is produced and vinified in the Municipality of Cannara.

However, only part of the territory of the municipality of Cannara falls within the DOC denomination: in particular the portion of agricultural land that connects it to Passaggio di Bettona and Bevagna.

The grape variety used for Cannara’s Vernaccia is indigenous and is also locally called “Cornetta”. The name seems to come from the fact that the berries of this grape, when not fully ripe, have a shape similar to a small horn, and then lengthen and become oval in the final phase of ripening. This grape is harvested and left to dry on sheltered frames for at least two to three months and then vinified. The drying takes place with the bunches intact while the vinification is carried out with only the berries without the stalks. The “Martani0 hills” DOC denomination provides that drying also takes place on the plant itself, a practice which, however, is not used for Cannara’s Vernaccia

In the country tradition, Vernaccia is tasted on the Easter morning, during a abundant breakfast with the traditional Cheese cake, capocollo and hard-boiled eggs.


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