Titolo: Molinaccio Tower - Bettona

Molinaccio Tower - Bettona

The Molinaccio Tower, dating back to the 13th century, is located between the towns of Colle and Passaggio di Bettona. Crenellated with beautiful corbel crowning, the tower is in excellent condition. It was an outpost during the wars against Perugia, at which time it was used for the sighting of enemy troops, as well as for the defense of a mill (molinazzo) built on the river bend in a shallow area of the Chiascio river.

This river which historically powered the mill, once reached the foot of the hills where the town of Bettona is situated, after which the land reclamation of the late 19 th century changed its path.

The tower is located in a rather unusual position, completely isolated in the plain which is traversed by the Chiascio river.

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