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Contemporary Ceramic Art Museum - Torgiano

At Palazzo Malizia, in Piazza della Repubblica in Torgiano, there is the "MACC - Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art", which includes two permanent collections:
Vaselle d'autore per il Vino Novello (Author's Vases for the New Wine): exhibits jugs, called "vaselle" in the Umbrian tradition, made by contemporary artists who, every year, reinterpret the ancient and popular tradition of terracotta by proposing new types of vases to celebrate the new wine. Since 2010, the "Vaselle d'Autore" event has been part of the "Versando Torgiano" event, which has further emphasised the importance of wine as a typical product of these lands.

The exhibition of the sculptor and ceramist Nino Caruso: includes a conspicuous collection of about 60 works created from the 1950s to the present day. The works, which document the sculptor's entire artistic career, are evidence of contemporary ceramic art. Vases, oil lamps and steles evoke archaic forms of ancient civilisations, especially Etruscan, but also African.


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