Titolo: Guerra del sale - Event - Torgiano

Guerra del sale - Event - Torgiano

Since 2019, you can experience the suggestive historical re-enactment entitled: “The Salt War".
Organized by the homonymous Association with the collaboration of the Municipality of Torgiano, this re-enactment is offered twice a year, in commemoration of a time period when Torgiano was the last bastion of the clash between the Perugian coalitions and the papacy.

In June the performance remembers the culmination of the battle of 1540 which took place precisely at the confluence of the two rivers.

The people of Torgiano, having lived through a surrender without victims, wanted to give thanks to God with an infiorata. The second event takes place in the second weekend of November.

For one or two days, the characteristic village of Torgiano is enlivened with the expression of historical processions, stands with traditional medieval crafts, food and wine, as well as music, art and games for children.

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