Titolo: Convent of Sant'Antonio - Bettona

Convent of Sant'Antonio - Bettona

The complex of the convent of Sant'Antonio, located in the district of Bettona, includes a set of
assets of high historical and panoramic value. It is a complex located on the edge of a hill
overlooking the Tiber Valley. The Convent was erected in 1502 by the Franciscan Friars over
the remains of a fort that was used as a hospital for the poor, and was significantly renovated at
the end of the 1700s.

The Church of Sant'Antonio da Padova was officiated by the Observant
Franciscans, i.e. by those who intended to live according to the Rule of St. Francis, in

Inside, the church originally harbored a painting by Dono Doni, which is currently preserved in
the Civic Art Gallery. From the convent you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city walls of
Bettona and thanks to its dominant position on the valley, there is an expansive view of the
cities of Perugia, Assisi and Spello.

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