Titolo: Church of San Francesco - Bettona

Church of San Francesco - Bettona

The church of San Francesco is a XII century building. Inside we can admire the main altar with stuccoes from the 1500s.

The altarpiece with a painting from the Cortonese school of the seventeenth century, depicting the crucifixion with Mary Magdalene, San Crispolto, San Francesco and the brothers of the Confraternity of Death.

Above we can admire the Eternal Father. In the left altar we find a wooden crucifix for the excavation of Good Friday. In the right altar, instead, we find the seventeenth century Madonna Addolorata. On the vault, tempera that "Pinse Giuseppe Barbadori all’età di 24 anni, 1808" (painted at the age of 24 by Giuseppe Barbadori).

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