Titolo: The river park “Mills Park” - Torgiano

The river park “Mills Park” - Torgiano

Surrounded by a suggestive landscape setting, Torgiano is an ancient fortified village, a few kilometers from Perugia, located on the top of one of the hills overlooking the valley where the Chiascio joins the Tevere river. The etymological meaning of "Torgiano", from "turris amnium", is "tower of the rivers" and it emblematically represents how much the Tevere and Chiascio have influenced not just the territory geological setting, but also the historical, urban and economic development of Torgiano.

Several nature trails, which can be traveled on foot or by bicycle, allows to follow the river development, where the vegetation is made up of poplars, willows, oaks, acacias and in winter and spring it is possible to see migrating wild ducks. An evocative route winds along the Tevere river, up to the point of its confluence with the Chiascio, this area called "Mills park" or "Two river park" is a place that takes its name from the presence of ancient grain and oil mills, still clearly visible along the route.

The mills along the Tevere river were mainly located around the Ponte Nuovo area while those on the Chiascio, which have been known since 1276, were near the Ponte Rosciano. Near Ponte Rosciano you can walk for a while to visit these ancient buildings: the Palazzetta flour mill, known today as Silvestri flour mill, works with the motive force of water and with millstones that make possible to produce flour, bran, mince and auger; it is located within what can be considered a rare find of the oldest historical and cultural tradition of this region: the only fourteenth-century tower in Umbria that rises in the middle of the water for about three floors.

Upstream of the Rosciano bridge, the mill now owned by Orcidi, has been transformed into a private residence after the nineteenth-century Chiascio realignment; downstream of the bridge, with a medieval tower, stood a grain mill. On the right there are two other mills, owned by Silvestri, the oil mill built on solid ground while the wheat mill is located on the water.

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