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Brewery "Fabbrica della Birra Perugia" - Torgiano

Fabbrica Birra Perugia was founded in 1875 by Ferdinando Sanvico, a young brewer from Lombardy. Its history makes this brewery one of the first in Italy along with big brands such as Dreher, Peroni and Forst. In 1926, after years of growth and success in the city of Perugia, it was absorbed by a large industrial group in the sector, which took over the brand.

At the beginning of the 2000s, a group of friends, in love with beer and proud of their Umbrian origins, began working to revive the historic brewery. In 2012, the new production site located in Torgiano territory was set up and finally in 2013 Fabbrica Birra Perugia was once again a reality. Finally, in 2019, the growth and affirmation of the brand required the construction of a new production plant.

Creations that wink at the United States and England are the trademark to which, recently, some innovative productions destined for a niche clientele have been added.

The skills and perseverance in the search for the final quality of the products led to the prestigious award of Brewery of the Year in 2016 by UnionBirrai.

Website: www.birraperugia.it

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