I Vinarelli - Event - Torgiano

Since 1983 the appointment with "I Vinarelli"  is held on the Monday after August 15th, to seal Torgiano’s essential bond with art, but also with agriculture and wine production.

A painting event that brings together artists, amateurs and onlookers in the square, united by a love for art, but above all for wine. In fact, the colors are diluted in the wine to create the works that each of the artists donates at the end of the event to the main organizers: Pro Loco and the Municipality of Torgiano.

The works created are sold and the incomes are used for socio-artistic-cultural interventions. In the last weekend of the months of March, June, September and December it is possible to visit an exhibition - market of “Vinarelli”, in the “Sala S. Antonio” in Principe Umberto Street.


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