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Memories of gestures and tastes
walking through fields and forests in search of nature's products, you will learn about them and how to use them to prepare traditional dishes
1 Days
Fattoria didattica Agri Leisure Time

A space dedicated to young people of all ages, learning to live with nature, sometimes retracing ancient gestures such as taking care of farm animals, making pasta as grandparents did. These are experiences that enrich the spirit and awareness.


The proposal is organised in two parts:

  • The first involves the presentation of the rural village of Terraia, its history, the natural environment in which it is set, with a brief illustration of the edible plants that you can then go and look for and collect.
  • The second part is a real tour that will meet some old local ladies who will accompany the children, in the fields and woods, to collect what the season offers at that time.

During the work, an attempt will be made to make them curious about the oral tradition, telling stories, anecdotes, fables and legends.

Contract terms

(The use of foreign languages will be contextualised to the method, becoming its support where required or deemed appropriate due to the participants)

What is included

product collection material


1 Days
Loc. Terraia n°47/a (06049) Spoleto PG