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8-DAY TOUR OF UMBRIA (self-drive)
The first tour is a beautiful excursion to discover the secret wonders of the Green Heart of Italy, to discover hidden gems that few tourists have ever seen.
8 Days
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€ 775 a persona
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Agenzia di viaggi e Tour Operator. Una terra ricca di meraviglie troppo spesso nascoste agli itinerari classici... noi vi faremo conoscere tutto il resto!

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The Package includes:

  • Overnight stay 7 nights in a 3-star Agriturismo / Hotel with breakfast included;
  • Accommodation in a double / twin room;
  • 7 dinners in an Agritourism / Hotel or in an affiliated restaurant - drinks included.
  • Entrance tickets to the Marmore Falls;
  • Lunch in local restaurant near the Marmore Falls - drinks included;
  • Excursion "Buggy ride through the vineyards with tasting;
  • Truffle hunt with tasting" excursion
  • Suggested tour programme with itineraries and tips
Contract terms

Booking terms and conditions:

30% deposit at booking and balance 25 days before departure. If there is an inability to move due to government restrictions caused by covid you will be refunded your deposit. If there are other reasons for cancellation not imposed by government regulations, the deposit will not be returned.

Extra cancellation-medical insurance is possible (on request)

What is included
  • Overnight stay 7 nights in a 3* Agriturismo / Hotel with breakfast included;
  • Accommodation in a double / twin room;
  • 7 dinners in an Agriturismo / Hotel or in an affiliated restaurant - drinks included;
  • Entrance tickets to the Marmore Falls;
  • Lunch in local restaurant near the Marmore Falls - drinks included;
  • Excursion "Buggy ride through the vineyards with tasting".
  • Truffle hunting excursion with tasting" - instructor included;
  • Suggested tour programme with itineraries and tips

Participation fees:

  • Adults in double room: € 775,00 per person
  • Children in 3rd bed: € 465,00 per child
  • Single room supplement € 25 per night
What is not included
  • Tourist taxes, transfers, tips, travel insurance, extras and everything not mentioned.
8 Days

Beautiful 7-night package to discover Umbria and its magnificent ancient villages, natural landscapes, waterfalls, lakes, valleys and hills... You will visit Spoleto, Orvieto, Perugia, Assisi, Castelluccio di Norcia, Foligno, Lake Trasimeno, Rasiglia and its streams, the Marmore Falls and during your stay you will come into contact with Umbria's culinary and wine traditions and have the opportunity to taste numerous typical products of great quality in spectacular locations, surrounded by greenery: organic wines, traditional dishes, truffles, pork products and much more! The package includes an overnight stay in a 3* agriturismo / hotel with breakfast and dinner included.


Your holiday has begun. The only thing you have to do is relax, we'll take care of the rest! ⭐ Arrival in Umbria, accommodation in a farmhouse / 3* hotel, welcome dinner and overnight stay.

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Peace and Good! This is the greeting that greets you in Assisi, the birthplace of Saint Francis, Italy's patron saint, a reference point throughout the world for those who, believers and non-believers alike, admire, imitate, study, pray, remember or seek out the poverello of Assisi. A place of spirituality, but also of art, nature and history without equal. You will visit the Basilica of San Francesco, and the places where the fiction "Che Dio ci Aiuti" was filmed Free lunch.

In the afternoon, you will enjoy a carefree ride in a horse-drawn carriage to discover the organic philosophy of the vineyards; an experience that combines the charm of rural life in the past with a modern BIO consciousness geared towards the production of top-quality food in full respect of natural resources. At the end, a rich tasting of organic wines from this wonderful land accompanied by a platter of local and organic products.

Return to accommodation, dinner and overnight stay .

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Water is a characteristic element of every trip to Umbria. Those who organise an excursion to the Marmore Waterfalls know this well: a wonder of nature that, thanks to a drop of 165 metres divided into 3 jumps, is one of the highest waterfalls in Europe. You will start at the Upper Belvedere, choosing one of the most suitable paths for you, and arrive at the Lower Belvedere where you can relax with a view of the waterfalls.

Lunch in a local restaurant near the Marmore - drinks included.

In the afternoon we leave for Spoleto, a wonderful town full of things to see, as witnessed by the beautiful Roman theatre, along with tastefully designed palaces and squares. A splendid walk along Corso Garibaldi is embellished by the Torre dell'Olio (Oil Tower), so called because boiling oil used to be thrown from here to defend against attacks and now incorporated into Palazzo Vigili. In Piazza della Libertà there is also the Roman theatre and the archaeological museum. The cathedral, however, is the main attraction of Spoleto. We can visit all the sites of "Don Matteo".

Return to accommodation, dinner and overnight stay.

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After our breakfast we set off for Perugia! The endless stories of Perugia and its inhabitants, its streets, views and palaces, have left their mark in the streets of the historic centre and in the works of art that embellish its museums, from the Etruscans to the Romans and the masters of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Perugia is the Umbrian capital that represents many cities in one, all fascinating and all full of history. Among the many monuments, incredible works of art, Etruscan remains and the green countryside. The symbol of Perugia par excellence is probably the Fontana Maggiore with its marble basins decorated with sculpted bas-reliefs. Then there is the Etruscan arch, an enormous gateway to ancient Perusia with travertine blocks. Other buildings to admire include the Palazzo dei Priori (now the Town Hall), the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo or di Giustizia, the palace of the old University, Palazzo degli Oddi Marini Clarelli, Palazzo Sorbello, Palazzo della Penna, as well as the Rocca Paolina. Perugia is also one of the main cities of Umbria Jazz - where, moreover, the film 'Quando arrivano le ragazze?' by Pupi Avati, centred precisely on jazz, was set - and of chocolate. In fact, every year Perugia hosts the Eurochocolate festival. Free lunch and afternoon dedicated entirely to shopping in Corso Cavour.

Return to accommodation, dinner and overnight stay.

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Set off in the morning for an unforgettable day in the middle of nature, destination: Castelluccio di Norcia. The roof of the Apennines and the heart of the Sibillini Mountains, this is Castelluccio, listed by the British newspaper 'The Independent' as one of the 23 most incredible but least known places in the world...don't miss it! The plain - called Pian Grande - that leads to Castelluccio is one of the most beautiful things ever seen. Not only because of the 'lentil blossoming' period, that is, when in June and July the whole valley blossoms with a thousand colours and a thousand atmospheres, but in an absolute sense. Crossing the Castelluccio plain - on foot, by car, on horseback or by bicycle - offers extraordinary emotions. Free lunch.

In the afternoon we leave for Foligno, a town inexplicably underestimated whenever a trip to Umbria is organised. Foligno is a beautiful, colourful and lively town located in a 'strategic' position in the centre of Umbria. Unlike many other towns in Umbria, it is not perched on a hill, but is on a plain, and for this reason almost resembles a municipality in the 'bassa padana' (but don't tell the people of Foligno that for them it is 'LU CENTRO DE LU MUNNU'!). Town life is all concentrated around the Cathedral of San Feliciano - a bit like in Don Camillo and Peppone's Brescello - around which historic cafés, small cafés and taverns teem with arches, courtyards and palaces in the background. After entering the city walls, it will be natural to follow the ancient gates and walk along the main street of Foligno to the Duomo, which is in an unusual neoclassical-baroque style and is located in Piazza della Repubblica. Foligno is famous for shopping and beautiful shops! ⭐

Return to accommodation, dinner and overnight stay.

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After breakfast today we leave for Lake Trasimeno, for Umbria also has a blue heart: the largest lake in Central Italy. A splendid stretch of water, surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, ancient villages and historic residences, Lake Trasimeno is home to three islands: Isola Maggiore, Isola Polvese and Isola Minore (a private island that cannot be visited). Definitely a place of great beauty and excellent opportunities for entertainment and recreation. Free lunch. We can take advantage of the sunny day to stretch out on a beach after visiting the many villages surrounding the Trasimeno waters.⭐

Return to accommodation, dinner and overnight stay.

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You will leave in the morning for Valtopina where Massimo and his dog will be waiting for you, you will walk through the woods on nature trails where you can breathe peace, relaxation and nature, and you will search for black truffles. The union Umbria-truffle has always been inseparable: our territory, which can be imagined as an immense truffle ground, offers a very rich variety of truffles, white truffles, prized black truffles, from the most renowned, to the summer truffle, each with its own unmistakable scent, flavour and appearance. Walk along the paths until you reach a spot of meadow open to the valley, where a barbecue has been set up amidst the greenery and you can sample Umbrian specialities based on fresh truffles (bruschetta and sliced meats, cheeses, wines, etc.).

In the afternoon, departure for Rasiglia, the village of streams. Just like in a fairy tale, like in a nativity scene, the enchanted village of Rasiglia looks like a painting. Perched on a mountain in the Menotre Valley, Rasiglia is known as 'the little Umbrian Venice' or 'the village of streams', which flow through the cobbled streets and stone houses. Rasiglia recounts a past of weavers, dyers, carpenters, whose tradition is still alive and well in the village, among ancient wash houses, windmills still in operation and historic workshops. Also worth visiting are the ruins of the Morro Castle, which once belonged to one of the village's most prominent families, and the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, inside which frescoes dating back to the 15th century can be admired. All this is framed by the flow of crystal-clear spring waters that gather in small streams, ponds and waterfalls, a world of other times in which time is marked by the gentle flow of water. ⭐

Return to accommodation, dinner and overnight stay.

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After breakfast, departure for Orvieto, a town of extraordinary beauty, both because it is perched high up and therefore seemingly unreachable, and because it offers such architectural beauty as to make it an unmissable attraction even for those just passing through on the motorway. The Pozzo di San Patrizio (St Patrick's Well) and the Duomo are especially worth visiting, but in reality it is the entire historic centre of the city that must be admired for its elegance. Orvieto is famous for its wines and typical cold cuts, so a stop for a DOC tasting in the many trattorias is recommended. Only 18 km from Orvieto, with one foot already in Lazio, we cannot fail to include a stop at Civita di Bagnoregio the dying city, a delightful village that offers the charm of the inaccessible.⭐ Back home with Umbria in our hearts.

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